Silicabase Blending Sponge

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Silicabase Blending Sponge


Are you ready to save foundation, time + look flawless with one new beauty tool?!

Ditch your foundation brushes, its time to introduce the innovative Silicabase Blending Sponge into your makeup bag! The new beauty tool may not look like your average applicator, BUT when you see your picture perfect results, you will be in LOVE!

Silicabase Blending Sponge is taking the beauty world by storm, here is just a few reasons why:

– Flawless coverage – The silicone sponge distributes makeup evenly creating a flawless base!
– Save on foundation – Silicabase uses half the amount of product compared to makeup brushes as it does not soak up your foundation
– Hygenic + easy to clean – Simply wipe with brush cleaner/ soap + pat dry – you can tick that chore off your list!

The multipurpose sponge can be used with foundation, highlighter, cream blush, bronzer,
concealer – anything which needs buffing or blending! And did we mention that this beauty is
less than €10!