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Skingredients® is a range of active, results-driven skincare products, created by the award-winning skin tutor, bestselling author and dermal facialist Jennifer Rock.  Skingredients is about the education that comes with our products. Don’t forget – the skin is an organ® so it must be respected accordingly, which is what we aim to do. Skingredients is a capsule collection of the Core 4, four products that everyone can (and should) be using as part of their daily routine, and the Mix + Match range, to tackle specific skincare concerns. It is a skincare range designed for everyone; all genders, all ages and all skins. Skingredients® is entirely fragrance-free, without synthetic scents or essential oils, because smells don’t change cells® and in our nerdie experience, they can be the culprit of irritation and sensitisation. It’s vegan-friendly, too! 

The Skingredients Key 4®  is a range of skincare that addresses all hooman® skin needs – regardless of their age, gender or skin type. We at Skingredients believe that the Key 4 range is akin to a balanced dinner plate. All “hoomans”, aka humans, need to eat certain food groups throughout their life to maintain optimum gut health – specifically, antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Our Key 4 philosophy mirrors this nutritional concept in the form of a curated selection of skincare that contains the vital ingredients required for healthy skin, which reinforces the importance of an inside-out approach to skincare.The Skingredients Key 4 is the basis of any Skingredients skincare recipe. PreProbiotic Cleanse is our nourishing prebiotic-probiotic cleanser, Skin Veg is our hydrating hyaluronic pre-serum, Skin Protein is our pro-ageing vitamin A + C serum, and Skin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ is our daily skin protection.

A capsule skincare collection made up of the key ingredients that all humans' skin needs. Designed to address skincare concerns, such as oiliness, dullness, and dry skin. Balanced Skin Diet. Expert Advice on Demand. Reinforces Skin Barrier. Vegan Friendly.


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Skingredients Story

In 2017 skincare expert, dermal facialist, skin tutor + bestselling author Jennifer Rock launched the world’s first online skin consultation and membership service - The Nerd Network. Since then, her highly trained team of Nerds have carried out 15,000 skincare consultations. It was on this journey of supporting and listening to what people really want from a skincare range: results-driven skincare products that are both effective yet affordable, and easy to use. And so, Skingredients® was born.  

Jennifer specifically designed the range of award-winning, active-led, results-driven products for use by everyone: people of all genders, ages and skin types.

The range is comprised of two capsule collections. The Key 4 contains all the rock star ingredients necessary for skin health. The supplementary Match + Mix range is made up of three products which address more specific skincare concerns, such as oiliness, congestion, dullness and dry skin.  

Education is a vital part of Skingredients’ mission. We strive to help everyone understand how their skin works, improve skin confidence through empowerment and education.  

We are committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste that’s clogging landfills and polluting our oceans. We care about doing better for your skin and the planet, which is why our entire balanced dinner plate of skincare uses a refillable and recyclable packaging system

We wish to educate enlighten and in turn empower you to have a positive emotional relationship with your skin


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